Monday, February 23, 2015

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen

Even though my home in Denmark has always been a two and a half hour train ride from Copenhagen, I've spent a surprising amount of time in the city due to the year I spent consulting for Maersk.  But even beyond those commuter-days, when I got really good at knowing exactly when what trains left the central station and where the fastest take-out pad thai could be found, I've spent a few purely vacationy days there too. 

The first time we both saw Copenhagen was on my 29th birthday.  For my present, I "got" to go to the embassy and get my passport renewed, so we figured that if I had to pay the absurd train fare, we'd make a day of it (truly, the fare is remarkably absurd.  I wouldn't have worked in Copenhagen if my company had not covered the commuting costs.  But that's what you get when you live in a top-five highest cost of living country...and the train fare has to make up for the cost of maintaining long, large, elaborate bridges between islands). 

Anyway, that birthday wander around Copenhagen ranked the city waaaay up there in my list of favorites.  It really is a beautiful, interesting, vibrant place.  I'm a huge fan of Copenhagen.

Another vacationy day I remember in Copenhagen was when my family was here and we spent an afternoon before our flight to France taking the cannot-be-missed canal boat tour and getting some Danish hot dogs.  Unfortunately, even though it was June, their day was a bit rainy and cool, but I hope they still could enjoy the place even so. 

So before I end by dumping a bunch of photos here, I'll just say that if I had to live in a largerish city for the rest of my life?  Copenhagen.  Hands down.


Tally is unimpressed with the most expensive real estate in the city

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