Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's Summer, You Know?

Haaaahahaha.  The last post here was the one Paul wrote about diving!

I had no idea.

See the thing that it's summer.  Or..."summer" in Denmark which pretty much feels like fall.  It's all sweaters and soups and reading on cozy rainy days.

But, you see,

We had Scotlands to hike in (half of May).

Entire Europes to drag my family around (all of June).

Julys that actually hit temperatures above 65 degrees (well...July).

Norways to ford fjords in (August).

Fetus (not plural) to incubate (all of the above months plus three more).  And okay, sure, that doesn't really take up any extra time of mine, technically, but it has taken up a lot of time in things like:

  1. Biking for hours trying to find anywhere with business-attire-worthy maternity clothes--or any maternity clothes for that matter.
  2. Translating pamphlets, booklets, and letters from the hospital.  They all start with what essentially comes out as "Dear Pregnant,"  So whenever I see another pregnant person I always want to be like, "Hey, fellow Pregnant!"  Or sometimes Paul is like, "Good morning, Pregnant."
  3. Figuring out how to fit an admittedly small human and its admittedly not-as-small amounts of stuff into 45 square meters of not-particularly-forgiving layout along with three fish, two adults, and Devito.  (Our solution?  Less stuff!   Groundbreaking.)
  4. Eating.  When I'm not working, I just spend a lot of time getting food, transporting food, making food, watching Paul making food, and eating food.  It's my newest, greatest hobby.  I probably should have written about COOKIEMANIA 2014 somewhere because it was a very memorable era of my life (now, hopefully, over).
  5. "Swimming." Second only to eating as my newest, greatest hobby.  I'm incredibly not good at it, but it's so freakin' enjoyable!  Plus I look awesome at the pool.  Imagine the pastiest color of skin possible, with a black swimsuit (that was perhaps a poorly chosen contrasting color), and a big giant stomach plus a very tight swim cap and goggles.  I waddle out there and don't even care.  I'm like, Step aside, Danish Ryan Lochte!  I'm here to doggy paddle like a BOSS!

Sooooo.  That's all I'm going to say about all this so far.  

But also maybe to say that it's our 6th anniversary in three weeks and it was my turn to plan the celebration.  And we're going to go to Andalucia because I used to "speak Spanish" (thanks, ten years of Spanish classes!) but have never once been in a Spanish-speaking country, I love cured ham, it's going to be hot, and I just want one chance to be that annoying spouse who is all like, "No no, it isn't Sev-ILL-a, it's Sey-VEE-ya!"  

And to see the Alhambra - which has been a personal goal since I was twelve.  I had goals like that, okay?
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