Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Sister Told Me to Blog More

When we talk to people who don't live in Denmark, we invariably say something about how expensive things are.

Sometimes I get the distinct impression that they think we're exaggerating.  

But I'm here to tell you that when I say that the milkshake cost $10, it cost $10.  Just a regular ol' medium strawberry milkshake, folks.  

For further proof, I will now give you various items from my grocery list today.  As a note, we tend to only buy the ultimately cheapy brand called "Budget."  Cardboard toilet paper kind of brand.  Just FYI.

1 liter orange juice: 25.95 kroner, $4.70
1 small head of broccoli: 11 kroner, $2.00
1 Lindt chocolate bar: 24.95 kroner (on sale!  Usually 30 kroner), $4.50 usually $5.40 
1/4 lb. bean sprouts: 11 kroner, $2.00
1 toothbrush: 29.95 kroner, $5.40

Oh, and here are some other cooooool stats for ya.

1 takeout order of korma from neighborhood Indian place, no sides: $16.00
2 small, one-scoop ice cream cones from corner store: $9.00
Normal-person running shoes: $235 (I will never buy shoes again)

But...then again...there's this:

Full set of dental x-rays and cleaning with no insurance coverage: $70.00
Monthly gym membership for two people: $35.00
Monthly cell phone bill for two smart phones, incl. data: $50.00

Go figure.

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