Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, or German Disneyland

It's So Cuuuuuuuute
The day we drove into Rothenburg wasn't, shall we say, the smoothest travel day.  We started off the morning in Freiburg exhausted from a surreal overnight train experience, ended up getting kicked out of the seats at Starbucks because all of us had not ordered something (my boycott is still going strong two and a half years later, Starbucks!), trying to get our rental van but being told that they actually didn't have the right size (They said, "But we have this nice car you can take!" and we were like, "We...reserved...the big van...because we needed a big van...?  Why in the world would we reserve a giant van if we really only wanted a little car?!), driving an hour away to get another van, and then starting our 7 hour drive through the Black Forest to get to Rothenburg.


But lovely insanity out in that Black Forest area, if you wanted to know.

And when we got to Rothenburg and checked into our amazing hotel right in the heart of the old town, everything was forgiven.  Because, if you want to be in the cutest little German town of Disney-esque adorability, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is the place to go.

Adooooorrrrrrable.  And I'm holding a Rothenburger pastry translated as a "snowball"

Not going to lie.  Rothenburg was the best.  Just a great city for strolling and exploring.  Really just feeling Germanish, you know?  Both nights we ate under the chestnut trees in a little biergarten, drinking our apfelschorle and ordering halves of chickens and bratwursts.  Days were spent browsing streets, checking out museums, and appreciating all the little things that you notice in a place that's been around for nearly 1000 years.

Can't say enough about Rothenburg so, predictably, I won't say much more...

I'm counting down the days until my third anniversary of living in Europe by recapping trips that I never got around to highlighting.  You can see the list of trips (and links to them as they are written) here.

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